Note from Stacey

Michelle, thanks for the news and encouragement. I’ll be in touch soon! I spent most of Sunday writing about the transplant experience. I am glad I have this journal to look back. When I read through it, I have to admit that I am surprised at what my thoughts were at the time, and that I was able to cope in a positive way. Some of the writing is even poetic! I am really grateful to those who were so kind to keep my spirits up during the hardest times, especially before and after the transplant (entry 446) and when I went back into the hospital (entry 605) Those notes and visits really made a difference in my life. (Denise, thanks for keeping in such close contact through my journal!) Reflecting back helps me learn more and draw upon the experiences of the last two years. When I turned 30, I remember my birthday wish for wisdom. Maybe I will become wise at 40… Sunday night we had a potluck at my house, with Cindy, Guy, Parch, Dave and myself. It was really great to see them all and share good food. Parch brought homemade bread, and Guy made a terrific fish soup that I am enjoying today also! Stacey, from Belmont

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