Stacey’s Climbathon Dec 2007

I would like to share my own experience of being involved in this year’s climbathon in December 2007. It was really nice to see how people in the community come’s together by word of mouth, through friend of a friend. It’s amazing how?numbers can double. The positive energy resonate in the rock climbing community.’It was great that we all accomplished the objective of climbing the height of Mt. Everest. All parties were children, and adults. You are never too old to climb, and never too young, as long as we were able to have fun, enjoy supporting each other, and being safe about this sport.’?It was great to see people come together, climb, meet old and new friends all for a good cause. I have a couple of photos to share in Stacey’s Journal of those physcally came to the facility at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. There were just as many who have donated to the National Organ Transplant Organization. This was a very energized climb. Being fairly new to the rock climbing I found rock climbing to be very enjoyable. -AP