Note from michelle barnstable

Hello Stacey, August was a whirlwind of activity, carting Colleen to/from camp, family vacation camping up in Northern WI for a week and then trying to get all the packing unpacked. Kids are in school now (Colleen 5th and Brittany 2nd)and looking forward to all the events that are associated with this “season”. I was pleased to read about your progress with your physical fitness…. albiet slower than you would like. That I know is quite an adjustment for you. You have always been one of the fittest persons I know, and you notice with greater intesity the things you used to do being harder to do. Please know you are in our prayers for continued health and perseverence in these trying times, and also for work that is meaningful and satisfying for you. take care- love, Michelle Barnstable, from Milwaukee WI

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