Note from Mom

Stacey asked I tell you, Denise, that she is having difficulty accessing her personal e-mail and prefers you send messages through Windsong for now. I decided to post here so others know their well wishes may be hung up in cyberspace and need to be redirected. Also, I request those of you who are visiting Stacey to check the floor of her room when you are there. Check to see if any of her meds are on the floor. Turn on the lights and move things about. On three different ocassions (twice being anti rejection meds) I found meds on her/your floor. Also, if there is clutter or spill splotches on the floor please call housekeeping immediately. This is particularily important when during surgery your/her awareness is veiled temporarily. In the D section the head nurse along with the unit manager devised a plan about administering the meds and housekeeping so this would not continue to happen. Now you are/she is in E and apt to be moved more times, so please be vigilant. Stacey, please let us all know when you can access your personal e-mail. . .you are precious, Mom