My 11-year Lungaversary today: November 22, 2015

Today is my lungaversary… I have survived 11 years!

Alyssa and Stacey on Stacey’s 11-year lungaversary.

There have been some dark times in the past 2 years, but knowing there is a chance for a better life through a second transplant lifted my hope! It is the light at the end of the tunnel. To focus on the light is the only way to gather strength and move forward. I have been on the Stanford lung transplant list for almost 11 months.

I am very thankful to my donor. It is a sobering thought to know that my first transplant would not have happened if my donor had not died suddenly, and passed her lungs to me, allowing me to live.

Thank you to my mother, Laura, my sister, Denise Wirth, and my friends near and far. You have nursed me through weak times, listened to me at stressful times, cheered for me during stronger years, and even collectively paid for the majority of my rent! (I need the bigger, 1-bedroom apartment in order for my caregivers to live with me, before or after the impending re-transplant.)

My transplant mentors, Mari Matsumura, the late Ana Stenzel, and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes gave me inspiration and hope and as they conquered huge health challenges, and guided me as a transplant candidate (and later as a recipient.) Isa brought delicious Japanese food over on Friday. This is her twelfth year, too. We are grateful to still be around!

I wish Ana were also here to grow older together, and see what a fine, loving, smart dog Timony has become! Timony must be guided by Rupie’s spirit. (Rupie was previous Stenzel dog.)

Tonight, Alyssa and Bryan came over and we celebrated this day by making bruschetta, attempting yoga, getting used to the selfie stick, and trying to fit into the chair together. (She said to sit on top of her, but I didn’t want to squish her!)

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  1. Happy anniversary, Stacey! We are all thankful to your organ donor and your friends and family too who have offered support through your remarkable journey. We are truly thankful for your friendship and the smiles you bring us too!

    I don’t think you would have squished Alyssa by sitting on her, though. You are so light and she is so robust! 🙂

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