Hi Stacey! I am glad you are writing in your journal again. I’ve found your entire life story very inspiring and encouraging, that you could come back from a near-fatal disease and resume a happy and fulfilling life. There are sure to be some struggles ahead, but I’m glad for the most part you have been doing great!

Even for those of us with seemingly ‘normal’ and healthy lives, your story is very uplifting. I know that one of my own personal fears is that something could happen to me any day, be it get into some sort of freak accident etc., where my well-being is suddenly completely gone. But from you, I take some some solace that all is not necessarily lost assuming I could follow your example and deal with the crisis with grace and determination.

For now, though, I am going to try to avenge my FIVE-POINT defeat to you in Scrabulous! 🙂 -Felix