Note from Stacey

Wednesday, I went to the stadium with Isa, Ana and Rupie, Isa’s dog. Rupie is very cute to watch at the stadium. She squeaks with excitement and anticipation about going up the bleachers, and follows Isa up and down the stairs for an hour. It is a joy to watch all three of them coming down together from the top. Thursday, I went on a wonderful hike with Isa and Rupie to Windy Hill. Windy Hill is pretty steep, and it was difficult for me. I went slowly, but Isa was patient. Rupie bounded ahead, pulling Isa up the hill at times. Friday, I had the wonderful honor of attending Lynn Hill’s presentation/fundraiser at the Patogonia San Francisco store. I went with Dave, Richard, Joshua, and Yuri. It was great to see Lynn. She always gives a quality show, and afterwards she generously sold her books and videos to benefit my medical fund! She always takes time to connect with her fans in a personal way, and writes very nice notes with her autographs. Today, after having a nice lunch with Aunt Lorraine and cousin Brenda, I went to the climbing gym with Dave. After warming up, I ended up red-pointing (climbing without falling or resting on the rope) a 5.9 overhang…the hardest lead climb since the transplant. I was really happy to accomplish this, since leading is a bit harder than top-rope. (In lead climbing, the climber brings up the rope instead of using a rope that is already anchored at the top…the difference is that the potential fall is further if the climber loses control. In top-roping, the climber only falls a few inches if properly belayed.) Stacey, from Belmont

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