Re: Recent News

Hi Stacey! First, sorry about your friends Gwen and Ana. Best of luck to Ana in getting a transplant; I will keep her in my thoughts and hope that a transplant will come and that she continues to keep her spirits up in the meantime.

Anyhow, I was happy to see you last week and thanks for inviting me to Jenny’s party… that was fun and maybe Jenny is even out of her brace by now! I esp. enjoyed meeting Ann; she was very fun with lots of energy and good humor. Of course, it was great to hang out with Alyssa and you on Wednesday too! Thanks again!

Recent news

A lot has happened in the last month…some sad, some glad! Some of the sad news is that my friend Gwen passed away; she had a transplant one month after me. She was a loving, affectionate young person and we will all miss her. She suffered a lot all through her life, but I am happy she got to get married to her boyfriend David before she died. She was very religious and I am sure she has gone to rest in peace.

My friend Ana is also having severe troubles with her health. A year ago, she earned a gold medal in the Transplant Games in the butterfly stroke, and now she is having trouble walking, even with oxygen. She is keeping her sprits up, and has many people to love her as she awaits another transplant. Ana had her first transplant 7 years ago, and she recovered beautifully. Please keep her in your prayers.