Note from Stacey

Yesterday, Rene and I went to the Belmont gym to use the weights and fitness equipment. It was nice to be back after over two months away. In addition to the climbing walls, Planet Granite gym has state-of-the-art exercise equipment–including a treadmill that can measure time, distance, incline, and heart rate. I was told to keep my heart rate around 130, and at this rate I walked a mile in 20 min. 47 seconds, so my next immediate goal is to walk a mile in less than 20 minutes. I also like the assisted pull-up machine, and succeeded in doing a couple sets of lat pull-down exercises. Out of my own curiosity, I tried 50% of my weight, but I could only do one repetition at that level. Far from being able to do 75 pull ups in one day, (that record was set while I was using oxygen)yet I was pleased because I am recovering better than I expected too; since I was lying in bed for 7 weeks and only 3 weeks out of th hospital. The months ahead involve a lot of careful work to regaih my strength for daily life, climbing and other sports. I want to recapture that feeling of being able to move and enjoy fun activities with my friends again, which was my “normal” lifestyle. For now, I stay focused on rehab, nutrition, food preparation, and hospital appointments thrice daily. I also go to bed very early every night to get proper sleep for healing. Stacey, from H.O.M.E. apartments

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