Note from Stacey

After a day of rest, it will be back to the stadium for me today. At physical therapy on Tuesday, I completed 20 minutes on the exercise arm/leg machine (alternating every minute) plus walked a mile uphill at a 3 percent grade on the treadmill. I’m beginning to enjoy this life, perhaps because I’ve been starting to dream about the working life at night. My health was good, but life was stressful while I was the manager at Twisters, too. There were long hours and always problems coming up, and I didn’t have time to spend with friends. Certainly, I did not have time to enjoy the daylight hours and go on nature walks during the week. My friend Tanya is studying buddhist philosophy, and one of the ideas is to live in the present instead the future, on the premise if you live in the future you might miss BOTH the present and the future. So I am trying to enjoy where I’m at; there are some benefits to my situation. Stacey, from H.O.M.E. apartments

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