Note from Stacey

I forgot to mention that on our walk on Saturday, the air was clear enough to see from San Jose to San Francisco from the top of the hill! This morning was the third day in a row I have not had “throwing up” problems…maybe it has gone away! That will be a relief. Yesterday, Dave and I went to the stadium to climb bleachers. We also met the Levin family (Carrie, Rich, Yuri and Josh) for an afternoon of fun. They mostly played football and soccer while we did bleachers.) First, Carrie and I walked 1/2 mile around the track to warm up. It took 12:27 minutes. I will try to go further next time. Next, I started on my workout, and was able to go five trips up and down the bleachers! Towards the top, the bleachers rise about 18″. By the end of each trip, I could only climb them one step at a time without stopping, but the amazing thing is that I could continue all the way to the top each time. It was very encouraging. Today, I am only a little bit sore. We spent the morning at the hospital, with an 8:30 blood draw appointment, 9:30 shot, and 10:30 clinic appointment. The shots are painful but the good thing is that they only last about one minute. At the clinic appointment, the doctors were cheerful about my progress and have a plan of action regarding the pleural effusion; they will see if the octreotide is having an effect, and also drain the fluid sometime soon. Stacey, from H.O.M.E. apartments

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