Note from Stacey

In between hospital appointments, Dave and I went to the Stanford dish trail today. It’s called the “dish” because there is a satellite dish at the top of the hill, a well-known landmark in the community. The trail, once a worn, narrow dirt trail is now a wide paved path with a security guard at the entrance. Nevertheless, the wildlife still abounds at the dish. Today, we saw a four-foot long snake cross the path. There have also been several mountain lion sightings but I haven’t seen any myself. Today, I walked much further than I did last week with Meredith. I was so pleased to get so far on the trail in half an hour…and then we turned back to head down the hill to Dave’s truck. Yes, I feel like I am getting stronger because the walking is easier. Stacey, from H.O.M.E. apartments

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