Note from Stacey

What an inspiration Lance Armstrong is to the world, as a cancer survivor and 7 time Tour de France winner! How exciting and dream-like to go out on top after such a come-back. I aspire to follow along the same track; to make a come-back in climbing (on a smaller scale, of course.) On Friday, my cousin Brenda came over to see the new apartment, and wax my mustache off. One of the drugs I take, cyclosporin, makes hair grow like crazy. Brenda, who is a professional esthetician, always does a beautiful job. (In case anyone is wondering, waxing does hurt. Ah, the price of beauty.) Rehab is coming along. Yesterday, I went climbing with Cindy and her friends. It was really fun because Cindy is very encouraging, and I found I could do some climbs with fewer rests this time. Last night, I had a wonderful time with Cherie, who fought Bay Area traffic for over an hour to come over for dinner at my house. We had a great time lounging on Dave’s new couch, (too much fun; it was hard to get up) cruising Safeway, and then cooking and eating chicken stir-fry. Stacey, from Belmont

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