Note from Stacey

I have had a hard few days, mostly due to physical tiredness. Wednesday, after a good climbing session with my friend Wesley (from my old climbing team) I headed down to the stadium to meet Ana, Isa, and Robin to climb the bleachers. I was very tired, but still managed to go up and down 10 times. I also made a new goal, 100 push-ups in sets of 10. However, both Thursday and Friday I was not feeling very well, and had to cancel going to a wedding. I have spent most of my time lately reading about career change. Yet it is still too early for a job; my health is not stable day to day.Some days I feel great and do lots of activities, other days I stay at home resting, sleeping and reading, and even cooking a decent meal is difficult. I want to keep to my task of getting well, but it is not always easy to stay focused on the present when things are going slowly. I have big dreams of climbing and having a fulfilling career. Sometimes when I am not feeling well, I start to wonder, will I ever get there? Am I just a dreamer? But as Wayne Gretzky says, “100 percent of shots you don’t make won’t enter the net.” But I am feeling better today, since I got a good night’s sleep. I will do some climbing today, and focus on what is right in my life right now…climbing, and time to have good relationships with family and friends. I guess I have more happiness than a lot of people in this busy world, and for that I should be grateful. Stacey, from Belmont

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