Note from Stacey

It has been a busy week, full of exercise and social visits. Thursday, I visited David, who just had his transplant about a week ago. He is doing well, and was even strong enough to go to the transplant support group meeting later in the afternoon. After the support group meeting, Isa and I went to the stadium to work out. Isa did 10 laps and I got 7 in that day. Isa is inspirational because she works out so hard, and she’s great company! Friday, I climbed with Rene at the gym. I worked on a big overhanging 5.10c and actually managed to get to the top with a few rests! Saturday, after breakfast with Dave, I went on a sheclimbs outdoor climbing trip to Cragmont Park in Berkeley. Eight people showed up, including Kathy, Ann-Marie, Nicole, Jess, Tiga, Parch, plus Maureen, who stopped by to see what was happening. Kathy set the anchors on “Farewell to Arms,”(5.10a) and three easier slab climbs. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the shade at the bottom of the rocks. The natural rock felt great. I made it to the top of “Farewell to Arms” with a few rests. The holds are good, but the moves are very pumpy (requiring strength)because of the overhanging nature of the route. It is my favorite outdoor local climb, so I was glad to be able to enjoy it. This morning, I went climbing at the gym with Ami and Jim. I haven’t seen them in a few months so it was nice to spend time together. We found some interesting new routes in the gym. In the afternoon, I attended Maura Glennon’s wedding shower. It was great to meet her family and friends, and see her so happy! The wedding is on Thursday. Stacey, from Belmont

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