Note from Stacey

Cherie, thanks for your note! I hope to meet you this Saturday. Last Sunday, Dave and I went to Castle Rock State Park to go hiking. First, we took the .3 mile trail to Castle Rock. Then, we followed the trail to the Waterfall area. In total, we covered about 3 miles. I have so many memories at Castle Rock. They started coming back to me as we passed each rock. I had mostly climbed with women from sheclimbs, the kids from my old team, or my friend Mark. I have been doing a lot of climbing, too. Monday, as Cherie mentioned, I went climbing with Rhona and her girls. Tuesday I climbed with Amy, and after the session I had a breakthrough! I actually did a couple pull-ups! It made me very satisfied. Yesterday, I also met Isa at the pharmacy where we buy our meds. She is back from a family vacation to Norway, and we had a nice lunch. Later, I had Robin over for a dinner of garlic chicken with green peppers. We hadn’t seen each other since I was in the hospital so it was great to talk to her. For some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep last night until 2:30 a.m. So today I’m not feeling so well. I threw up right before lunch. I still get sick almost every other day. Progress is still slow in the digestive department. Stacey, from Belmont

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