Spinach Explosion

Hola, Tori! Thanks for the note from Panama. We continue to appreciate this website.

As I write, I am covered with spinach from head to toe. I’m not dressing up in costume for some nutrition educational event… no, it was a case of being quite unfamiliar with the vita-max food processor in the new kitchen! Little did I know, it was on “High” and that means HIGH. The top flew off, the machine made a loud buzzing noise, and all the soup sprayed onto everything in sight, including me.

Time for a shower!


I’m now finally done with cleaning spinach off myself, the windows, stove, can opener, cupboards, toaster, coffeemaker, etc. It took about two hours, and the soup didn’t even turn out. I guess I win some, and lose some…back to stir-frys and more familiar recipes.

The new house is very impressive. I have two friendly roommates, Tyndall and Roy. They both keep everything really clean, and Tyndall is always working on projects around the house. Today, he built a step for the garden. He is also a climber, so sometimes we go to the gym. The most beautiful thing about the house is the mahagony wooden floor downstairs. It is so nice, I feel like using the “Swiffer” vacuum on it constantly. (Tomorrow I’ll mop, due to the spinach problem today.)

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