Acute Rejection

A lot has happened over the winter vacation,  including receiving the 2nd year annual check-up results.

The good news is that I had a wonderful, relaxing vacation with my mother for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. She came to visit me from Florida, and we had a delicious meal of stuffed chicken, green beans, potatoes and carrots. We also had a sweet New Year’s Eve get-together with Mark and Dave. We ate homemade sushi, stayed up until midnight, and watched fireworks from the balcony!

The bad news is that I am putting all the fund-raising money to good use already in 2007. The bronchoscopy results showed evidence of A2 (acute rejection) and I have been to the hospital for three days of IV treatments of high-dose predisone. I will have another bronchoscopy on Feb. 2 to test the results of the treatment. It is somewhat mild rejection so hopefully the medication stopped the downward progress in its tracks.

The only symptom was that last month I was having trouble climbing 5.11’s at the gym. (This symptom has varying degrees of validity with the different doctors.) The great news is that on Wednesday I completed two 5.11a’s and a 5.11c (with several falls.) I felt stronger and did not have coughing fits after the climbs, so I think the treatments have worked, and I will get better.

I have also started a new full-time job as a program coordinator at the Little Gym, a motor-skills/gymnastics school for children. I am working 42 hours per week, running around with the kids and it is going to be a big challenge for me. So far the training is going pretty well and I am looking forward to working with the little children.

Thank you so much to all the contributors to the 4th annual Mt. Everest climb-a-thon, including Mary Zasio and Rob Trelford, who did a very successful make-up climb-a-thon in January! Mary climbed with an injured ankle and raised over $1000 herself!

My friend Ana Stenzel is in the hospital this week, fighting rejection as well. She had a double-lung transplant 6 1/2 years ago and is losing lung function quickly. Luckily,she was in great shape to start with. If you know Ana and would like to send your best wishes, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will pass your message on. She remains one of my best friends and a great inspiration.

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