A week before my birthday, I was lucky enough to have a visit from my mother, Laura, who organized my house and cooked and cleaned the whole time she was here! I was busy coaching soccer every day, and she spent her time going to Mollie Stone’s grocery store, and preparing delicious lunches and dinners. In the mornings, I woke up to the smell of big breakfasts already prepared. I will say, she has a lot of motherly energy! I really appreciated her work.

Another big favor she did was she bought a new pair of glasses for me, which is something I hadn’t thought about in a long time. It had been 7 years since I had my eyes checked, and the prescription was very outdated. It turns out that I have been going around with only 80% vision, so I got a new prescription and happily wore my new specs on my birthday.

?On the Monday after my birthday, my aunt, Lorraine and cousin Brenda took me out for a sushi lunch at Miyaki’s. It was a mouth-watering treat and wonderful time.

Not long after my mother visited, Felix popped over for an overnight stay. He is in the Bay Area and has been getting around?by train and bike, crashing at different people’s houses every night. He carries a 30 lb. backpack while riding his bike and sometimes bikes over 20 miles a day getting around! “You look like a hobo!” I teased. We had a delicious salmon dinner and breakfast burritos in the morning, and then climbed at Planet Granite with Alyssa. Felix, our athletic wonder, not only runs ultra-marathons, but also bikes double-century rides (200 miles in a day!) and climbs like a pro. That morning, Felix and I both made it to the top of a 5.12a with just a few falls.

Alyssa also attended the birthday party on October 8th, and has provided some interesting pictures! Just click below.

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