Birthday musings

Denise, thank for your birthday greetings and phone call this morning! It is amazing that little Mia can say “Happy Birthday” now!

Aunt Marion, great to hear from you. Yes, I have many fun memories of the Transplant Games, and the family gathering.

My new e-mail is [email protected], if anyone needs to contact me through e-mail. I am not using the climbyourdreams account anymore.

Today is the start of a new year for me; I am now officially 39. What a strange?feeling. It is hard to believe I have been on earth for that long, and at the same time survived almost two years past the transplant, rebuilding my life with new lungs and a new start. In some ways, I have held on to my old identity, almost back to my normal life…but coaching soccer instead of rock-climbing. But I live with more of sense of urgency, more searching for meaning than before, wanting to keep what I have learned throughout the transplant experience while adjusting to normal life again.

It is a busy day, I have four soccer classes to teach, a dinner with the Levin family, and a rock-climbing party to plan for in Berkeley tomorrow. I’ll write more later and tell everyone about a wonderful birthday visit from my mother last week.