andy (stacey cusin

many people cann’t remember any thoughts prior to 5 years of age, but i remember may 3’s and even have a memory from my 2’s. my first memory is the day i met stacey i remember?the couch along the west wall of our living room, brown and ugly. laura entered the living room from the front door with stacey. all the adults gathered around the baby (not me stacey) everyone was getting a turn holding the baby, my mom my dad laura, dont remember if glenn was their (there are limits to my memories), but i keep saying i want to hold the baby, and i was getting ignored by the adults, and i was getting more worked up about it until someone, maybe my sister sherry said “if you want to hold the baby you have to sit on the couch, which i promptly did. they i repeated my self until i got my chance, i remember laura saiyng are we ignoring you, and someone placing the baby in my lap!