Note from Stacey

Felix, thanks for your Valentine’s greetings. Yes, the bronchoscopy went well. The results from my annual are back. There are no signs of rejection or infection, so all is well. My lung function is up to 58%, a little higher than last time I was tested. In addition to going to school and working on the newsletter, I have been climbing a lot recently. Last week, I on-signted my first 5.11a on top-rope since the transplant so that was encouraging. I find the harder climbs a lot more interesting. I have also started up my women’s climbing club again (sheclimbs)and met some new friends. I have been trying some other activities, too. A couple weeks ago, I played tennis with Ana and Isa. (Rupie, Isa’s dog, wanted to play but she had to watch from outside the fence. Luckily, she had two bones to occupy her.) Last Saturday, I also played table tennis with Robin and Robert, and took a 3-mile walk around the lake in Fremont. Table tennis may be my new event for the Transplant Games! On February 13th, I talked at the LAM support group. The members of the group are not yet at the stage of the waiting list, but it may become their only option for extended lives, since there is no cure for LAM. It was good to be able to share my personal experience with them, and it was something I could do for others. Stacey, from Belmont

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