Note from Stacey

This week I was very busy with finishing the newsletter for the Transplant Recipients International Organization. It was the first issue I have published. I think it turned out fairly well. If anyone is interested in a copy, let me know. The cost is $15 for a year’s subscription. With the newsletter done, I had the opportunity to go to another Youth Climbing League comp to cheer on my old team and climbing students, and chat with many of the parents. After the competition, the Levin family had me over for dinner. It was a tasty Thai curry chicken dish! Afterwards, I went home to play Scrabble with Dave. Today, I gave a climbing lesson to my student, 13-year-old Ilan Gray. He is getting pretty strong. Much to my delight, I found out that he did the most pull-ups in his class in a P.E. test last week! About four years ago, I had given him a pull-up bar and it looks like he has been using it. He is also improving his bouldering skills; he has jumped two levels (from V0 to V2+) in just two months, and has joined the Twisters competitive team. My climbing is also going well. I have reduced my current 5.11d project to only two falls. I have yet to send (climb without falling) any 5.11’s on top-rope but I think it’s going to be in the next couple months. Tomorrow I will have my annual physical, along with several hospital lab tests. Tuesday, I will have a minor surgery called a bronchoscopy, in which the doctor takes a small sample of lung tissue and tests it for signs of infection or rejection. Stacey, from Belmont

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