Note from Norrie Gill

Hi Stacey, It’s great to read your journal and learn of all the things you are doing. I’m amazed to learn that you are taking classes and talking about a job. A man in my Sunday School class talked today about being in the University of Wisconsin. Isn’t that your school? I’m recovering from my knee surgery, still going to rehab. Nicky’s baby, Emily Carol, arrived safe and sound and is a darling. When Susie told Gabrielle that GG (that’s me, Great Grandma) had a big booboo, she bent over and kissed it. I’d like to see her and Sophia together. I am so grateful for all your friends. Please tell them Aunt Norrie says thanks for all they do for you. I love you so much and am so proud of you Aunt Norrie, Norrie Gill, from Gaithersburg

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