Note from Stacey

Kristina and Peg, thanks for visiting my website! Yes, I do remember you, Peg, and I should really take up meditation practice again. Kristina, it was great to talk to you and we’ll climb soon. Update from Boston: Joshua’s climb was not rated 5.12b, it was a 5.13a! (Much harder!) I also heard that the father, Richard, took 1st place in the adult category. Way to go, Richard! Sunday night, Mark brought over steamed catfish and we had a fun dinner at my house. He has been gone for almost the whole month in different Asian countries so it was great to see him. July 4th, I had a wonderful picnic with my aunt Lorraine and cousin Brenda. Chicken pasta, salad, fresh bread…at a picnic table at the park. It was a trek for Lorraine to get from the car to the picnic table, because she had to negotiate lots of tree roots hidden in the lawn. But she didn’t give up. She walked to a tree, rested, and continued on her way to the table even though it was difficult. (We decided an alternate route using the pavement would be better for the trip back to the car.) Yesterday afternoon, I went climbing with Rhona. We are both improving. I tried some 5.10a’s and 5.10bs, and some 5.9 overhangs to work on strength. As I am able to do harder climbs, the moves are getting more interesting. Rhona had a great time. She described her experience as “touching the inner chimpanzee within.” Last night I had dinner with Cindy at my house. I made chicken with a garlic wine sauce and spinach salad. It was so wonderful to talk to Cindy in a relaxed way. I respect her for her great friendship throughout my illness and recovery. While I was living on oxygen, and during the “dry run” (when I was called in for the transplant and it didn’t happen) she had helped me immensely and organized my friends to take care of me, too. She is a friend with great character. Now that I am getting better, it is nice to just have fun together again., Stacey

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