Note from Stacey

Amelia, thank you for visiting my site! I would be honored to be featured on your site, and will contact you today by e-mail. It was a wonderful morning. I met my new friend, Gillian, at the gym today. We had a great time climbing and making plans for future trips. I was especially encouraged because I am climbing harder these days, getting back my strength. Today I even on-sighted (climbed without falling the first try) a route rated 5.10a, which is my record for after the transplant! I have improved from 5.6 to 5.10a in about three weeks! It gives me great hope for the future, in that I will become physically strong enough to climb outdoors, go on trips, and have my old lifestyle back, instead of having to find a new life without climbing. Stacey, from Belmont

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