Note from Stacey

At the USA Climbing Western #@*%!isional Climbing competition, many of the kids from my old team put in a very good showing. They are now older, more experienced, and stronger, and doing well with their new coaches. Josh(11) and Yuri(8) Levin both qualified to go to the National Championships. There were several other national qualifiers from both PG and Twisters, including Lucy, Tevis, Melissa, Blake and Jason. Joshua had the 3rd fastest time in the gym, 9.78 seconds up a 45′ wall to take the #@*%!isional title for Boys 11 and Under. After the comp, he also showed his prowess outdoors by red-pointing (climbing without falling) “Harrison” (5.11d) at the Christian Brothers Wall at Smith Rock. It was a very difficult and impressive climb! Today, I went for a hike with Dave to a place called “Windy Hill.” The fields are turning the California dried-out yellow color, except for the forest areas which are still green. We walked slowly but steadily up some steep hills, then turned downward to finish the 3-mile loop. The trails were busy. There were a lot of runners, mountain bikers, and hikers ot today. We also came across two deer not far from the path. Stacey, from Belmont

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