Note from Stacey

Yesterday, Eva, Howard, and Eva’s niece and nephew took me on a mini-hike to Laurelwood Park. It was a short trail but the views were wonderful. There were all sorts of different trees in the valley. It was the first time I had been on a hiking trail since I’ve been out of the hospital and it felt great. The most exciting part of the hike was at the beginning, when a snake crossed our path. Six-year-old Alec was so scared, he insisted on being carried the entire hike through the “wilderness,” by Howard and Eva. It’s a good thing it was less than a mile long! Today, I had a great day with my friend Mark. He came over for lunch (shrimp and asparagus) and then we turned on the TV to watch Danika Patrick participate in the Indy 500. She came in 4th place; not bad for a rookie! After the race, we went to the Planet Granite climbing gym where I got back on the walls again! I started off easy, and managed to get up two 5.6’s and two 5.7 climbs. The longest climb was 50 vertical feet. I had to rest a little on that one! We left the gym and went for a walk with his friend Agnes. We walked around a beautiful lake in Foster City, and spent the afternoon talking and admiring the view. There were wind-surfers out on the water today, along with some Mallard ducks. Stacey, from Belmont

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