Note from Stacey

I had clinic today, which means a morning of blood draws, x-rays, a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) and a meeting with the doctors. The PFT showed a little bit of improvement, with lung function (forced inhaling capacity) at 56% of normal. After the hospital visit and a healthy lunch of wheat bread with tomatoes, sprouts and cream cheese (non-fat, of course!) I went to Twisters to say hello to Ron, my old boss, and the Twisters kids, I went for a walk by myself at Shoreline Park. The weather was perfect. The late spring breeze felt good, and the exercise opened up my lungs. The grass has turned green from the spring rains, unlike the normal California yellow. Today I even noticed orange flowers at the baylands, something I don’t remember seeing before. Lately, Dave has been pointing out the beauty of the full moon. I hope everyone has a chance to look outside and enjoy it this week. Stacey, from H.O.M.E. apartments

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