Note from Aunt Carol

Dear Stacey, I have not checked in for a while and was surprised to find you have had gall bladder surgery. Now there is something I can relate to. Many years ago I had that surgery. It was more stress than giving birth 4 times except when it was over it was over. Just kidding! My sons are a great blessing! I sympathize with you and hope you were able to have laproscopic surgery. We just had a blizzard on the shore of Lake Huron. It was a record for the last 82 years. Spring flowers were in bloom, the grass was ready to cut, and farmers were planting crops. We had high winds and blinding snow mixed with rain over the weekend. The TV said we had 12 inches. I measured many places in my yard and here we had 5 to 7 inches. Your cousin Ron and his 16 year old were at Boy Scout Camp in the wild and Ron came home very sick after two nights in a tent at 30 degrees. Don is working on his Eagle Scout rank. I am back at teaching my grandchildren to sew in preparation for the summer 4-H fair where they will show their calves and crafts. David,12, is making pajama’s from cow print material. He wants to add a detachable cow tail to the pants. One of the show calves is sick and after calling Jim’s wife (a veterinarian) the boys are treating it for bleeding ulcers. I hope it gets well in time to train for the fair. I feel sure that getting rid of the gallbladder will allow you to eat more and get your strength back. Love, Aunt Carol, from Michigan

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