Note from Stacey

Denise, it’s great to hear from you! You must be a great teacher to have a barely 3-year-old already reading words! I noticed it’s her favorite word. Yes, things are coming along here. I’m improving well and the doctors are discharging me from the hospital tomorrow! Today, my mom and I took a walk around the hospital and visited the chapel. It is a very pretty place, oriented towards many popular religions at once. Inside, there is a stained-glass waterfall wall with real water cascading over the rocks. To me, waterfalls are very peaceful and symbolic of everything changing, in motion. I was glad my mom showed me the chapel. Later, my friend Sudha (sister of Suma Rao, a climber friend from India) came to visit and brought a stained-glass elephant god symbol, a ganeisha. We put it in the window to admire. Stacey, from Stanford Hospital

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