Note from Mark Fletcher

Dear Stacey, I hope you get better soon. I am sorry that you are feeling side aches and do not have as much energy to do walking now. It was good to see you the other day. I am now in the ship offshore in Cameroon where it is very hot, humid, and wet. Mark Fletcher, from FSO Kome-Kribi 1

Note from Isa

Hi, friends, I just spoke to Stacey and she wanted me to say hello for her. She is still quite weak, although she sounds stronger than when I saw her on Thursday. She wants to say her cell phone is out of order so she can’t be reached that way. But she welcomes phone calls at the hospital 650-498-3051 but has limited energy to talk for long periods. She is still fighting nausea and has limited appetite. It’s those powerful antiviral drugs that probably are doing that to her. But luckily, her CMV is gone according to blood tests. Any progress is to be celebrated! She still has considerable pain in her side, which I can only imagine is extremely draining. And the stubborn chylothorax persists, which creates the non-fat diet restrictions that make weight gain even harder. She is able to walk only for short periods, and because of her pain meds, needs someone to help her (including a cute respiratory therapist today!). Oh, this is such a test of patience! She has hung in there for 6 weeks already. My hope and prayer is that each day is a bit brighter. Stacey thanks everyone for all their love and support. She misses you all, esp. those with whom she has been out of touch, and regrets she can’t do a whole lot of emailing to everyone these days. She sends her love and appreciates everyone checking the website regularly for updates. Sometimes it’s hard for her to repeat the medical details to each person and likes it when people catch up on her status through this means. Take care and keep those prayers going! Thanks, love Isa

Note from Loraine

Hi everyone. I am Stacey’s Aunt that lives in Califprnia. I usually do not post here because I live just a couple of blocks from the hospital and keep in contact with Stacey in person. Today Stacey asked me to post a message on her behalf. First of all, in true Stacey fashion, she asked me to thank everyone for their love and support, and MESSAGES. She is having a hard time getting to to computer the last few days due to her continuing nausea. She has also been having a pain in her side. The doctors think that she might have pulled a muscle. They did CAT scans and other tests yesterday and could not find anything else that could cause the pain. She is sorry to be out of touch again, but will get back to people soon. Loraine

Note from Denise Wirth

Hey Sis – If this reunion gig happens when I’m in America, I’d be happy to go with you and be your luggage sherpa and driver (what are little sisters for, anyway). When are the festivities? I haven’t been to Oshkosh for about…. 12 years? This could be fun. Love, Denise; Denise Wirth, from Riga

Note from Miki

Hi Stacey! Guess what? Despite her remarks to the contrary, it looks like Sarah B. might be coming down from Alaska for our high school reunion! I nearly fell out of my chair! I’m so excited…I think you should set a goal of coming to Oshkosh for it — it will be awesome if we could all reconnect. I’m just trying to lose weight for the reunion, you’ve got a bigger challenge, but they always say that having a goal is helpful! What d’ya say, Stacey? Miki, from International Falls

Note from Denise Wirth

Hi Dear Sis, It is just my luck that whichever address I write to turns out to be the wrong one. I have a great picture of Sophia jumping on a trampoline (in socks and a snowsuit) that would crack you up – too bad we can’t post pictures in your journal anymore due to those nasty hacker lowlifes. It was wonderful to talk to you last night. I worry that I wear you out with too many questions but there is always so much to talk about. I’ll try not to make you laugh so much next time! Just a few little giggles. I agree with the Lyttles – you should read the Harry Potter books. They are fun. Sounds like it is time to say goodbye to your gallbladder. Well, in terms of’important organs’, it’s much better to lose the gallbladder than some of the other ones, don’t you think? I have a good feeling that this will help you to feel a whole lot better. Two of Jerry’s brothers, Ron and Dave, are here for a couple weeks and we’re going away for the weekend. I’ll call when I get back on Sunday. You can always get me on my cell phone. I love you. Denise Wirth, from Riga

Note from Mom

Stacey asked I tell you, Denise, that she is having difficulty accessing her personal e-mail and prefers you send messages through Windsong for now. I decided to post here so others know their well wishes may be hung up in cyberspace and need to be redirected. Also, I request those of you who are visiting Stacey to check the floor of her room when you are there. Check to see if any of her meds are on the floor. Turn on the lights and move things about. On three different ocassions (twice being anti rejection meds) I found meds on her/your floor. Also, if there is clutter or spill splotches on the floor please call housekeeping immediately. This is particularily important when during surgery your/her awareness is veiled temporarily. In the D section the head nurse along with the unit manager devised a plan about administering the meds and housekeeping so this would not continue to happen. Now you are/she is in E and apt to be moved more times, so please be vigilant. Stacey, please let us all know when you can access your personal e-mail. . .you are precious, Mom

Summits for Stacey – On-going

(For more information, contact Carolyn McHale.)

SheClimbers raised over $1000 summitting Mt. Washington in September. Stacey’s niece 20-month old, Sophia Wirth, continues to gather sponsors and raise money for Stacey. She has summitted the highest point in Latvia (312m!). She is now planning to go even higher and summit Mount Big Egg (313m), the highest point in Estonia. She can be sponsored for additional hikes contact Stacey.