Hi Stacey! I am glad you are writing in your journal again. I’ve found your entire life story very inspiring and encouraging, that you could come back from a near-fatal disease and resume a happy and fulfilling life. There are sure to be some struggles ahead, but I’m glad for the most part you have been doing great!

Even for those of us with seemingly ‘normal’ and healthy lives, your story is very uplifting. I know that one of my own personal fears is that something could happen to me any day, be it get into some sort of freak accident etc., where my well-being is suddenly completely gone. But from you, I take some some solace that all is not necessarily lost assuming I could follow your example and deal with the crisis with grace and determination.

For now, though, I am going to try to avenge my FIVE-POINT defeat to you in Scrabulous! 🙂 -Felix

To a great 2008

Hi Stacey! Er, no one has written on this page for a while (hint hint!) so I thought I would be the first to do so this year. :)? It was great to see you last month and this month. Wishing you a great 2008! -Felix

Nice Sign

Hi Stacey! Last weekend I did a long bike ride through Northern Colorado and saw this in the town of Windsor. It made me think of you. I was really surprised someone else came up with that combination of words!

Anyhow, as I write this, I think you are on your way back to CA from FL. Hope you and Ann had fun out there! Wave to Denver from the airport for me 🙂

Wind Song Ranch

Re: Recent News

Hi Stacey! First, sorry about your friends Gwen and Ana. Best of luck to Ana in getting a transplant; I will keep her in my thoughts and hope that a transplant will come and that she continues to keep her spirits up in the meantime.

Anyhow, I was happy to see you last week and thanks for inviting me to Jenny’s party… that was fun and maybe Jenny is even out of her brace by now! I esp. enjoyed meeting Ann; she was very fun with lots of energy and good humor. Of course, it was great to hang out with Alyssa and you on Wednesday too! Thanks again!

Scrabble and Duck Tongues

Hi Stacey! Glad Dave is getting better, and that you have been able to entertain yourselves with Scrabble! I got to play a little bit of Scrabble in Panama for one of my Spanish classes, although I’m not sure that was a very effective way to learn new Spanish words since most of the words we were coming up with were only 2-4 letters long!

Anyhow, cool about having some good Chinese food. Now you are making me hungry… even with the duck tongues. I probably would have tried them, but that’s just me! 🙂

Good Job!

Hola, Stacey! That is great you are climbing such hard levels! In contrast, last week (actually with Tori) I failed miserably on an outdoor 5.11a in Panama, and then I could not really do anything for the rest of the day. Maybe I should eat some spinach next time. Oh! I guess I too should heed the warnings on the blenders that say to place your hand over the top when operating it. I thought mine had that warning due to some silly lawyers but maybe it is a good idea!

Take care and ttys!


¡Feliz año nuevo!

¡Hola, Stacey! Quisiera practicar español más y eres uno del numero pequeño de personas quien actualmente me escribirá en esa lingua. De todos modos, me encanto que tuvo divertido en Seattle. Aquí en Colorado, no recibimos lluvia pero tenemos un poco nieve. Pienso que no voy a escalar afuera del gimnasio para un poco tiempo. 🙂 Pero, bueno trabajo con tus 5,11’s! ¡Es impresivo! Pues, que tengas divertido en California, -feliz felix

Nice Work

Good write-up, Stacey… very well written! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving out there. When is your next checkup? It is very soon, right? Hope that goes well and have a great time out there! -Felix